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Dan Lobeck, President

Mike Lasche, Vice President

Sharon Guy, Secretary

Neil Bass

Glenna Blomquist

Valerie Buchand

Victor Dobrin

Where We Stand - The CGN Agenda


Control Growth Now is a nonpartisan civic organization which for over 30 years has advocated for integrity and independent thought in local government and for balancing the influence of developers to responsibly protect our neighborhoods, environment and traffic mobility as well as to protect the taxpayers by making growth pay its own way.

With the Sarasota 2050 Plan gutted, and all of its timing limits lifted, massive urban sprawl is on the horizon.  With all of this growth, the challenges are greater than before. The very quality of life that draws people to live, visit and do business here is at risk. Yet the Sarasota County Commission seems committed to abandoning even more controls on developers and actually embracing traffic congestion, all in the name of serving their patrons in the development industry rather than the citizens at large.  We are watchful of the following policies and work to protect the public interests in Sarasota County.

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