• Use of public and private comprehensive plan amendments to "water down" and customize rules for the developers.

  • Poor County communications with the public.

  • Back door deals.

  • Developer designation of elected officials.

Control Growth Now is a nonpartisan organization, so we encourage both Republicans and Democrats, Independents and others, who stand for principle and sound policies, to take on the special interests and let the interests of all of us prevail.
     The voters approved Single Member Districts for Sarasota County Commission elections. This major reform will give principled, grassroots candidates a chance against the big money developer machine. The cost to reach voters is cut by 80% and neighborhoods are empowered. Next year, we have a shot at upending the developers’ domination of County and City elections and policies, if we find and support good candidates.

     In District 1, Mike Moran has alienated many east County voters with his support for a concrete crushing facility next to the Celery Fields, and others with his reliable support for the developers’ political machine. 
     Incumbent County Commissioner Nancy Detert will be up for election in south County.  Possible opponents face her wide name recognition and popularity from her many years of public service.  It's worth noting that Commissioner Detert has voted against the big developers on some key votes.
     The third County Commission seat, in mid to south County, is being vacated by term-limited Charles Hines.  

     It remains to be seen how the races will be affected by redistricting which the Commission has planned, which could be used to cut out some candidates’ residences and include others. 

     Control Growth Now has a watch on all these issues!