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CGN Zoom with our endorsed candidates

(click here) Meet Your Local Candidates
Recorded Thursday,  October 1  



North Port City Commission 

Barbara Langdon  - First recorded speaker


Sarasota City Commission 

Dist. 1 - Willie Shaw  1:00 min

Dist. 2 - Terry Turner  6:05

Dist. 3 - Erik Arroyo  41:36


Venice City Council 

Brian Kelly  9:30 min

Sarasota County Commission 

Dist. 1 - Mark Pienkos  49:43 min

Dist. 3 - Cory Hutchinson  54:20

Dist. 5 - Alice White  44:12


State Attorney 

Betsy Young  13:50 min


Charter Review Board 

Krista Lohr  17:00 min

Alexandra Coe  24:48

Ray Collins  21:45

Mary Ellen Palermo  29.19

Wilson Pava  32:40

Tony Dunbar  37:15

These three candidates will strive to keep Sarasota the way we love it. Watch this one-minute video to see who's who in the race for the three City Commissioner district seats.


Save Sarasota County

For more than 30 years, Control Growth Now

has attempted to protect and enhance

all that makes Sarasota County a

special place to live, work and visit.

Together, we endeavor to balance the big developers who use their largess with politicians to gain at the expense of our mobility, neighborhoods, environment, schools and quality of life. We work to control development in a way that is responsible and to make growth pay its own way rather than placing the costs of growth on the backs of the taxpaying public.

We also seek integrity in our elected officials, by calling out breaches of the public trust and supporting ethical candidates who seek to serve you, not just the special few.

Join us today in striving for a better tomorrow, for ourselves and for generations yet to come.


Join Control Growth Now, attend our events if you can, and do your part for a better tomorrow.

It's too important not to care.                        

Request your ballot as far in advance of the election as possible. The deadline to request a ballot by mail is (received by) Saturday, October 24, 2020.

County Commission

Mark Pienkos

Cory Hutchinson

Alice White

State Attorney

Betsy Young

Charter Review Board

Krista Lohr

Alexandra Coe

Ray Collins

Mary Ellen Palermo

Wilson Pava

Tony Dunbar

Sarasota City Commission

Willie Shaw

Terry Turner

Erik Arroyo

Venice City Council

Brian Kelly

North Port City Commission

David Iannotti

Barbara Langdon


Control Growth Now Candidate Endorsements

CGN Position Statement:

VOTE NO on Constitutional Amendment 4

Amendment 4 would require constitutional amendments to be approved by voters at two successive general elections to become effective. Currently in Florida, if voters approve an amendment at one general election, it becomes part of the constitution.  In Florida, constitutional amendments require a 60% supermajority vote to become effective. This requirement was added to the constitution in 2006. Under Amendment 4, the supermajority requirement would apply to both elections.

CGN Position Statement:

Shall the Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County be authorized to grant, pursuant to s.3, Art. VII of the State Constitution, property tax exemptions to new businesses and expansions of existing businesses that are expected to create new, full-time jobs in the county?

We also suggest a NO vote on the identical ballot issues for the City governments.

Control Growth Now, Inc., PO Box 277, Osprey, FL 34229-0277    Phone: (941) 955-5622 controlgrowthsarasota@gmail.com

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