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March 21, 2020 to be held at 
Mattison's Forty-One


Save Sarasota County

   For more than 30 years, Control Growth Now

has attempted to protect and enhance

all that makes Sarasota County a

special place to live, work and visit.

   Together, we endeavor to balance the big developers who use their largess with politicians to gain at the expense of our mobility, neighborhoods, environment, schools and quality of life. We work to control development in a way that is responsible and to make growth pay its own way rather than placing the costs of growth on the backs of the taxpaying public.

   We also seek integrity in our elected officials, by calling out breaches of the public trust and supporting ethical candidates who seek to serve you, not just the special few.

   Join us today in striving for a better tomorrow, for ourselves and for generations yet to come. 

   Join Control Growth Now, attend our events if you can, and do your part for a better tomorrow.

   It's too important not to care.                        

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